Private Commissions

The prices and information contained on this site pertains to private (non-commercial) commissions only. To hire me for your published or commercial work, I would love to hear from you directly at [email protected]



I currently only accept payment via Paypal Invoices or Instant Bank Transfer (Canada Only)

Payment is due within 14 days of confirmation unless otherwise discussed.


• You may upload the work wherever you like as long as the artists signature has not been removed Credit is appreciated!

• Commissioned work is for private use only and may not be used for commercial purpose.

except when cropping an image for use as an icon etc


• I will ask for your references, idea and generate a price quote for you. If the quote is accepted I will then ask for your Paypal email for invoicing.

• Your name (or if you prefer, invoice number only) will be placed on my Trello queue which is updated 2-3 times a week.

• For commissions valuing over $25 I will send you a sketch preview that must be approved before I continue work.

• For all commissions except icons, you will receive a hi-res 350dpi copy and a smaller "uploadable" file of your work sent to you via Dropbox link that will be available for 30 days after completion.


While my queue has my current schedule (and notifications of any delays/emergencies) I am ALWAYS happy to give you a live update on where I am with your commission. Please allow me 24/48 hours to reply before sending another inquiry.

Refunds and Corrections:

• Corrections on anatomy/ feature, etc should be requested during the sketch stage. However if I send you a final product with obvious mistakes or the wrong colors/markings/etc I will happily correct things for you to be best of my ability. Once the final piece has been approved I will not offer free corrections at a later date.

• Refunds are available in full up until the initial sketch is completed.

•After the initial sketch stage, clients cancelling will receive a full refund minus an $8USD sketch fee.

•Cancelling part way through a commission will result in a partial refund and delivery of the project as is.

•Refunds will not be granted once the final work has been approved.

In the event that I must cancel the commission for any reason (*except harassment) the client will receive a full refund and all available work. In cases of harassment, partial refund will be given as listed above.


I am happy to draw : OCs, animals, furries, creatures, animal-based RPG characters (Dragonborn, khajiit, etc) , monsters/cryptids, fan characters or pet portraits.

I am a LGBTQI+ friendly artist, and all genders and sexualities are welcome.

I am available for lightly NSFW adult commissions such as pin-ups, nudity, sexual situations and horror/gore imagery PROVIDED:

- (Adult) Characters involved are all canonically over 18, the owners of the characters are all over 18 and have consented to the subject matter.

- (Adult) Characters are humanoid AND clearly sentient and capable of consent.

-(Horror) Do not portray violence against any real person alive or dead , or depicting violence towards children or animals (outside of a predator/prey situation, i.e. werewolves, etc)

-(Horror) Does not portray hate symbols, minority persecution of any sort, or racist/sexist/homophobic themes/imagery


I am happy to draw : OCs, animals, furries, creatures, animal-based RPG characters (Dragonborn, khajiit, etc) , monsters/cryptids, fan characters or pet portraits.

I am a LGBTQI+ friendly artist, and all genders and sexualities are welcome. ♥

Currently NOT taking commissions for mechanical (mech) OCs, cityscapes, "macro" ocs, or the "sergal" species.


All prices are in USD and are based on a single character with no background and an existing reference. Scroll down for information on multiple character commissions and backgrounds.

Ink Drawing

Full-Body $30


Full-Body $70

Detailed Ink

Full-Body $90

Detailed Ink + Flats

Full-Body $95

Detailed Illustrative

Full-Body $120

Digital Painting

Full-Body $150

Backgrounds / Add-Ons

Partial Background+50%
Full Background +100%
Pets (small companions)+50%
Extra Characters / Mounts+100% per
Complex Armor / Anatomy+$10-30

DESIGN COMMISSIONS: For character reference sheet commissions, or work with no photographic or visual references available there will be an additional $50-$200 design fee added to the above prices. This does come with additional revisions available.
For example, a flat color character turnaround would be $40 per pose, plus the additional fee , which is decided by character type and complexity.


For any questions or commission inquiries, please either contact me via this form, email me at [email protected], or DM me on Twitter (@sinereous) !